Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Whitney Artport #4

: Marc Lafia and Fang-Yu Lin
Title: "Battle of Algiers" (2006)
Link: http://artport.whitney.org/commissions/battleofalgiers/algiers_v1.0.html
Desc.: Created by Marc Lafia and Fang-Yu Lin, "Battle of Algiers" takes a film classic (in this case the 1965 film directed by Gillo Pontecorvo). The plot of the film is as follows: an Algerian nationalist group is struggling to gain its independence from France in 1962. The artists constructing this piece have taken brief stills and video/audio clips from the same film and reconstituted them. The difference is that instead of adhereing to the narrative of the film, the images are combined in accordance to differeing rule sets. In this case cells represented by the French Authority and the Algerian Nationalists.

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